Getting Started

Very first you need to register for the YT Up-loader Click Here For Register

Setup Youtube Data API

To Get Youtube Auth ID and Secret Follow The Steps.
1. Go To And Create New Project Or Choose Exsisting.
2. Go to Crediantials

3.Choose OAuth Client ID

4.Choose Web Application And Add Crediantial Like This
Authorized redirect URIs :

5. Copy Key And Follow Next Steps.

6. Add key and secrates in your settings page here : ADD API KEY

Note : You Must Enable Your Youtube Data Api for the app.

Setup Account For Uploads

1.Set Keys On Profile Page Set Keys
2.Authorise Account For Uploads

3.Login With Your Google Accoutn And Select Your Channel.
You Done!... Click New Upload After You back.
You can upload videos for the session. If you log out youwill need to authorise account again in next login.


With Youtube Data API You Can Upload Videos Under 10 Minutes Easy. You can Check Your Quotas Here.
Sometimes In Your Channel You Will Getting unknown videos uploaded. You Can simply delete that.

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